Teff, the tiny, gluten-free grain with superpowers

Why all the excitement about teff?

This tiny grain packs in nutrition and flavor and is 100% gluten-free.

Teff is excellent for people who

  • Seek to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet
  • Practice endurance sports
  • Eat only plant-based foods

…and for anyone who welcomes a nutrient-rich, unprocessed cereal that provides loads of protein, iron, fiber—and flavor!

Believe me: I have been gluten-intolerant for years. When a friend introduced me to foods made with teff, my life changed. Now I can enjoy crêpes, waffles, biscuits and cakes anytime, and still feel as light as a feather!

– Valerie

What is teff exactly?

Teff, the size of poppy seeds, is an ancient grain that has been a staple in Ethiopia and Eritrea for thousands of years. If you’ve ever tried the cuisine of those countries, you’ve eaten teff as injera, the sourdough pancake.

Now you can enjoy teff in so many other ways, savory and sweet, and benefit from its exceptional nutritional value!

Where can I taste teff?

As soon as life returns to normal in Brussels, come buy teff cereal and flour and taste our
pancakes, waffles and cookies at the newest bio market in town.

  • Be Here Market
  • Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 4, 1020 Brussels
  • Sundays from 10h to 16h

Retailers, pastry chefs and bakers, are you’re looking for a reliable wholesale source of teff?

Injera flour availalble !

Our teff products are organically grown and produced in the Castilla y León region of Spain under strict quality standards. They are certified gluten-free, GMO-free and bear the HACCP guarantee.

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