Cycle de 8 semaines

-What is Mindful Eating ?-

“La réthorique correspond pour l’âme à ce qu’est la cuisine pour le corps”,

Platon, Gorgias.

Mindful Eating is ….

Understand that diets do not work for you or most people

Learn to eat when your body is hungry and not fill you up …….

Keep your weight off without dieting and without drugs

Make you feel better and love yourself as you are

Connect to your inner wisdom by being fully aware of the present moment

Use all the senses to nourish your body

Become more and more aware of your state of hunger and satiety in order to know when to start and stop eating

Find the pleasure of eating in a healthy and nourishing way, without feeling guilty

Find the pleasure of sharing a meal with your family, with friends in joy and serenity.


-Dates of our next program-

MINDFUL EATING 8 weeks program or Private session

It’s a program that allows you to see more clearly, which helps you to better understand why you eat, and thus to feel better in your body.

This program includes :

  • 8 group sessions and 
  • a full day practice including a meal
  • specific exercises
  • shares 
  • a caring and nonjudgmental listening
  • guided meditations
  • gentle body exercises
  • the book “Mindful Eating” by Jan Chozen bay


Session 1 – What is Mindfulness?

Session 2 – What is hunger?

Session 3 – Identify conditioned eating habits

Session 4 – Emotions and Body Consciousness

Session 5 – Fullness and Satiety

Séance 6 – Slow down and pause

Séance 7 – Food and mood

Séance 8 – Craving / irresistible urge

The program requires daily commitment and attendance at every sessions for the best results

To ensure quality of work, the group is limited to 14 participants, with a minimum of 7.



Mindful Eating program are inspired by ME-CL’s “Mindful Eating, Conscious Living”


“Mindful Eating, Conscious Living” ME-CL

from Jan Chozen Bays and Char Wilkins.

Breathe Love Eat is a member of TCME  “The Center for Mindful Eating”

For more information do not hesitate to visit the following site:



Relearning to eat

A revolutionary approach to transforming our way of eating, it is to observe the tastes, smells, sensations, thoughts and emotions that arise during a meal. Relying on recent scientific research and his experience as a physician and meditation teacher, Dr. Jan Chozen Bays presents this therapy that has already proven itself.