Nutrition Therapy

How we breathe and how we eat have the most profound effect on our wellbeing.

We hold great power in being at choice about the way we nourish our bodies.

Use this power of choice to learn and practice effective breathing and nutrition, the keys to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health and vitality.

Welcome to the harmony of mind and body!

You are concerned if you want to :

  • lose weight
  • learn how to balance your meals
  • listen to your body and stop when you are full
  • discover satiety
  • learn how to manage your appetite
  • identify the emotions that make you eat
  • give your body what it really needs
  • live better with your food intolerances or allergies
  • learn or develop your knowledge of nutrition
  • understand and manage your cravings
  • change your eating behavior
  • adapt your food intake according to your lifestyle

Good nutrition affects you!

  • Healthy nutrition guarantees you to::
    • good health without pain or fatigue
    • increase energy and vitality
    • have glowing skin
    • maintain a flat stomach (bye-bye bloating!)
    • experience inner peace




How does nutrition therapy work?

Effective nutrition has two keys:
One is to find out what your unique needs are and how to meet them;

The second is to understand and improve your relationship with food and eating habits.

Together we will work on:


In order to change your eating behaviour, first you must understand why you eat the way you do. You must also learn what nourishes your body most effectively.


Gradually you will integrate new eating habits into your daily routine, and learn how to deal with cravings and binging eating.


You will develop a new relation with your body with more love and respect  forgiving yourself in order to maintain a joyful eating habits.

In summary, Breathe Love Eat offers you:

Real and effective support

Personalized support …

Tips tailored to your lifestyle

to gradually regain a complete balance.

Vitality and health always go through the box 'better eating'.

Freedom: Control your desires so that you do not eat only by habit. Eat in full awareness and become master of your diet!

PleasureFind the true taste of food and the pleasure of (everything) to eat, without guilt. Love your body as it is!

HealthBetter diet management improves digestion and sleep. You have more energy !

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